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Dyeing the Wool



Dyeing process. 
Materials.- All materials come from Switzerland. All coloring materials have the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 ecological certification. Biodegradable colors. 
Additional materials.- conventional water, salt with 90% of absorption and acetic acid aproximately 1.5%. 
Residues elimination.- 0%. Water with neutral PH, without acidification. 
Residues elimination process.- The vapors of water is treated by using cotton filters following Austrian evironmental regulations. After that, water is treated by using three filter tanks. The first one, uses cotton again to filter the water. In this tank the water is heavy. In the sencond tank, we add an acid named "acido formico". The mixture of acids (formico and acetic) makes several particles wich go to the deepest of the tank. From here, just water goes to the third tank. This water in the third tank is soft water and it is recycled to be used is other dyeing process (specially for dark colors).