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From a Sheep to a Sweater:

The Sheep and the Wool in Ecuador


The raising of the sheep: The sheep was brought to the Americas by the spiniest conquerors. Since this time sheepwool was used by the indigenous people being spun by hand. The sheep race was called after a certain time criollo, being a mixture of current races of the 16th century. Especially in Ecuador the sheep is raised in the highmountain areas called paramo, a humid cold area about 4000 m high. They live in flocks in a very natural way, without much influence by the shepherds. There is very little care apart from certain deparasitation. In recent time wool quality was improved by the introduction of coridale and rambouilet sheep. Especially in the area of Salinas in the province of Bolivar, situated in the slopes of the Chimborazo, which is with 6300 m the highest mountain in Ecuador, due to international assistance wool has improved a lot and is now matching international standards

Sheep in Ecuador  Sheep 2 in Ecuador


The selection of raw wool:  the sheep is shorn once a year, mostly during the dry season end of august. The technique used is with scissors designed for this purpose. There is a selection of the wool in this stage, separating the dirty parts for second quality. It is packed at the side of cutting and transported to the spinning mill without any further treatment. At the mill, after verifying the weight, the wool is checked again for quality of the fibres and colour. This is especially important because the quality depends highly on the raw material.  For the wool we asking for a high percentage of long fibres are necessary. 

Spinning the wool: The raw wool is washed with a detergent three times: The first is for eliminating the dirt and dust, the second is for cleaning part of the lanolin and after rinsing it is washed again with water for being ready to be collected in the cardigans. In the cardigan the wool is mechanically combed and after this it is joined to a single gauge yarn. This yarn is put on conic and then is joined to three or four gauge wool.

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