Ecoknits, Cia. Ltd.  Parque industrial Lote 605, Casilla 01.05.1912   Phone ++593 7 868991 Fax++593 7 868991  Cuenca, Ecuador 

Production in Ecuador



Here you will find some more information about us and where we are. Cuenca is located in the south of Ecuador at an elevation of 2500m. 

As the harbor of Guayaquil with the international airport is close to Cuenca. Even higher volumes can be shipped fast and reliable to every place in the world. 


The production is taking place in the villages in the mountains surrounding Cuenca. The administration of the cooperative Centro de Bordaos is located in Cuenca, the center of  the cooperative Tejemujeres is in Gualaceo and the cooperative Anditej you will find in Cuenca. 

Please have a look to the following pages, here you will learn a lot about the production process from a sheep to a sweater by EcoKnits.

The Environment



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